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Have You Tried ‘ Kale Me Crazy’ Yet?

If you haven’t been to Kale Me Crazy then you’re definitely missing out on something amazing. This was my second time going and I have to say the Super Matcha Smoothie surprised me. I’m usually not the one drink anything that has bananas in it. I love Matcha so why not try it out? I have to say I loved every sip of it. The Super Matcha Smoothie is blended with : Matcha Green Tea ( of course), blueberries, banana, spinach, chia seeds, agave & almond milk.

Kale Me Crazy is full of variety, there is so much to chose from. I definitely had to debate with my self on what to try first. There are 3 day cleanses , wraps, acia bowls, salads, poke bowls, salmon roasts and more. There are so many things to try and I can’t wait until my next visit. See if there is a Kale Me Crazy near you at

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